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2001 VW Passat W8

The W8 engine comes from the tradition of VR engines, but you could also call it a W12 with two fewer cylinders in each bank. It's an attempt to build the shortest possible engine. This has the advantage that when installed longitudinally, such as in the Quattro drive, the engine does not overhang too far forward and can even be installed transversely.

W8 cylinder block

First, the four cylinders on each side are moved so close together that their central axis no longer meets that of the crankshaft and then the two VR4s are combined into a V with 75° and a common crankshaft. This is how the letter 'W' is created from two 'V's. In theory, the engine could compete in length with an in-line four-cylinder.

It is an attempt to bring the VW Passat, with its somewhat staid image, closer to the upper class and to close a possible gap to the Phaeton. In general, the Phaeton didn't achieve much for itself, but probably for the success of the Passat. The similarity between the two is not purely coincidental.

The whole campaign wasn't very helpful for the Passat W8. The smallest production number mentioned is only 2,300, of which even fewer are Passat Variants and very few with manual transmissions. Overall, the examples were real bargains for a while, like the Phaeton, but gradually the situation changed to the opposite.

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