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  VW Passat GTE


The worldwide volume of sales of the Passat with 1.1 million vehicles per year surpasses the sales of the Golf, thanks to China. One can consider it as something like the reference model of the VW group, even though it is technically very close to many other models by the meanwhile modified modular transverse matrix. Now it is available as a plug-in hybrid with maximum 50 kilometres electric use.

The Golf air conditioning has 'only' two zones, the Passat three.

A Golf GTE would be 7,350 euros cheaper, about 120 kg lighter and would have slightly less maximum performance with the same engine and torque, even in electric operation. Amazingly, the charging times are shorter stated with it despite the same battery. Maybe VW decides gradually for more practical approach.

The Golf would be quite an alternative, if you can manage with the less favourable space. Because the battery takes away cargo space. The shrinks in case of the Passat far below the of the normal Golf, but with the same payload. It is particularly difficult to estimate the additional price of the electric modules, because the smallest engine of the normal Passat is a bit more powerful. In theory would come out 16,000 euros difference to the Trendline version. However, 13,500 euros seem suitable, which still would not include, e.g. the more expensive air-conditioning of the Highline equipment.

People who buy this car must have either an exactly matching way to work without many exceptions, or a lot of pleasure in the most modern technology, which he/she can follow on various displays (pictures above). That's the advantage of a high factory price. One annoys oneself not more than once about the surcharge, but can enjoy again and again the feeling to need no longer so often ordinary petrol stations as in the past.

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