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2008 VW Passat CC

This time the innovation is based on the Daimler-Benz group. Their success with a four-door GLS Comfort Coupe one has not expected, probably not even within their own ranks. Now all come into the niche, Porsche (Panamera), BMW (CS), Alfa (169), Jaguar (XF) and of course the VW group directly with two models, the Audi A7 and the Passat CC.

Both are not really comparable, but if the Passat CC is starting at € 30,000 and the Mercedes from 60,000, one can estimate easily the market opportunities. And high demands to the prestige that is very important in this vehicle category, then covers the A7, which is in the price level approximately between the two competitors.

To a four-door coupe probably belongs that it's a little longer, wider, but rather lower as the limousine. In this case, it is pleasure without regret, because the trunk remains huge and the backrests rear even additionally folding. The place here is very convenient for two people traveling and not meant for three.

Of course, the CC is only available with the Passat upper equipment. This also applies to the engines. This is still the VR-6 in contrast to the Golf, which ensures with all-wheel-drive an excellent performance. By the way, the European buyer may appreciate himself happier than the American, he gets the car for half a year earlier and with 15 kW (20 hp) more because of the higher octane numbers here. Also, will be not electronically limited at 250 km/h, but even at 210 km/h.

The Passat CC pushes into the gap towards the Phaeton. Because from there is relatively little innovation, it itself will be the prototype the new features will be integrated into the series. So, here is installed damper control for the first time, which both allow a lightning-fast control and reaction to suspension problems, on the other hand an adjustment of the damper hardness. New is also the Lane Keeping Assist.

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