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VW Passat B6

VW Passat - FSI
Emission treatmentPre-/post catalyst
Torque155 Nm at 4000 rpm
Max. power85 kW (115 HP)
Rated speed6000 rpm
TransmissionSix speed, fully automatic,direct shift
Top speedApprox. 195 km/h

VW Passat - Diesel
Displacement1896 cm³
Bore * stroke79,9 * 95,5 mm
Compression18,8 : 1
Emission treatment|Particulate filter
Torque250 Nm a 1900 rpm
Max. power77 kW (105 HP)
Rated speed4000 rpm
TransmissionFive speed
Top speedApprox. 185 km/h

The history of the 'Passat' which began in 1973 ends provisionally with the 'Variant' in 2006. Since the eight-cylinder- engine version of the VW Passat could not establish, they returned to the transverse- engine model. This does not necessarily mean a step back, considering the six-cylinder engine which is the most powerful at the moment with it`s 184 kW (250 HP) and 3.2 litre cubic capacitiy. Nevertheless, costs are saved because VW is drawing near to 'Golf ' technology again.

In spring 2006, the fourteen millionth Passat rolled off the assembly line in Emden.

In the winter of 2007, the fifteen millionth Passat rolled off the assembly line in Emden

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