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All Tests
F7 F9 

VW Passat B6

VW Passat - FSI
Emission treatmentPre-/post catalyst
Torque155 Nm at 4000 rpm
Max. power85 kW (115 HP)
Rated speed6000 rpm
TransmissionSix speed, fully automatic,direct shift
Top speedApprox. 195 km/h

VW Passat - Diesel
Displacement1896 cm³
Bore * stroke79,9 * 95,5 mm
Compression18,8 : 1
Emission treatment|Particulate filter
Torque250 Nm a 1900 rpm
Max. power77 kW (105 HP)
Rated speed4000 rpm
TransmissionFive speed
Top speedApprox. 185 km/h

The history of the 'Passat' which began in 1973 ends provisionally with the 'Variant' in 2006. Since the eight-cylinder- engine version of the VW Passat could not establish, they returned to the transverse- engine model. This does not necessarily mean a step back, considering the six-cylinder engine which is the most powerful at the moment with it`s 184 kW (250 HP) and 3.2 litre cubic capacitiy. Nevertheless, costs are saved because VW is drawing near to 'Golf ' technology again. 04/10

Forerunner model - Passat from 1996

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