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1973 VW Passat B1

If the worst comes to the worst, the new chief executive Leiding of the subsidiary Audi falls back on their proven technology. This results in an Audi 80 with hatchback by Giugiaro and is called Passat. From now on one combines this name more with VW technology than with the winds near the equator turning points. For this new car is specially built later a new factory in Emden.

All VW employees have now finally deal with the liquid cooling, although with the K 70 it has already been such a car. That was not so successful. The Audi engine in principle will exist beyond the century in countless variations. In the Audi engines is know-how of DKW and Mercedes. This makes them economical and powerful. A novelty for VW is also the brake technology with diagonal brake circuit scheme. This causes the negative scrub radius.

The really big success comes for the VW Passat just with the appearance of the Variant 1974. There is hardly a car that has been praised by the testers like that. It has at this time exactly the right dimensions inside and outside. It is ideal for families and even tolerable in the costs. From now on, always far more than half of all vehicles in this series will be delivered as a estate car.

1977 there is a facelift (fig. 3) that the car visually farther away from the Audi 80. At the same time, the Passat will appear with the first 50 hp diesel engine, the further strengthen its reputation and will ensure better efficiency. The performance, however, may be not compared with the present (2006) Passat.

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