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2023 VW Passat

Production of the new Passat has been relocated from Emden to Bratislava (Slovakia), only approx. 50 km east of Vienna. There it is built together with the Škoda Superb. At that time it was added to the Octavia as a kind of space miracle.

This is also only available as a station wagon, on the same new MQB-evo modular system with, for example, an identical wheelbase. However, it is somewhat more compact in terms of external dimensions. If the basic price above is correct and stays that way, that of the Combi is around € 2,300 higher at € 42,340. There the basic equipment would have to be checked very carefully.

You don't really miss the sedan in the new Passat as a kind of hatchback variant. This would mean that the car would have returned to its roots in 1973 in the 9th generation and after 34 million copies sold. VW itself describes it as the most successful mid-range car in the world.

Nevertheless, up to 1,920 liters of luggage space is possible.

The new one is actually already on its way to the upper class. For the first time, we like the free-standing screen on the new dashboard. The option of different levels of effort for the massage seats is almost unbelievable.

No, it is not yet predominantly electric, but at least in the plug-in version with approx. 20 kWh and three-phase AC or 50 kW DC charging it apparently effortlessly overcomes the limit of 100 km of purely electric driving. The 48V mild hybrid still has the option of 'sailing'.

It's almost unusual how faithful they are to the diesel engines with three power levels to choose from, although only the lowest one is possible with front-wheel drive. When it comes to petrol engines, the 1.5 TSI evo 2 is also dominant in the plug-ins, only topped by a 195 kW (265 hp) two-liter.

VW describes the new DCC Pro as a world first, in which compression and rebound can be adjusted separately. It's unclear how the customer notices this, other than a larger spread between very hard and soft.

There is already a certain approximation to the ID models, because the gear setting has moved to the steering wheel as a lever (again with buttons, by the way), and the functions of the previous one now flood the left lever there.

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