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2010 VW Passat B7

No, the wheelbase has not changed compared to its predecessor. In fact, the most important dimensions are the same. Maybe this is more often the case in the future. Models then grow no more, but be smaller. After all, the cars are supposed to be more energy efficient. The Passat does it make according to the Golf 6, which was renovated after a relatively brief existence.

Even outside the VW Passat has gotten the face of the company. That he remained same in the chassis should be emphasized on this car, because in the past one has at almost every change of model alternated from longitudinal to transverse engine and vice versa. Now the technique is very similar the of the Golf. You can also get it again with all-wheel drive.

The conformance also applies to the engines, wherein the Passat has preceded the VR-6 compared to the 'normal' Golf. Of course, the engines in the significantly smaller Golf are slightly more economical. Thus the Golf achieveds in the most favorable version the 99 g/km, while the Passat come up to 'only' 109 g/km despite probably slightly better cW value. For half a meter more vehicle length, the value is still moderate, like at all, the Passat has lower values than its predecessor.

It has once again become slightly more noble, comes very close to the luxury class. The limousine is said now to have more elegance. With regard to price nevertheless it has done a small, positive step down with just under 700 € less for the basic model and 300 less for the additional cost to the Variant. And this with a significantly improved standard equipment, regarding the radio, the center armrest, rear power windows and the height adjustment of the front passenger seat.

Let us say something to the increased comfort. There is now for € 285 additional cost a windshield with 5 layers of glass with plastic in between, which the interior better insulated against noise from the engine compartment. If this continues, we will soon need a display for a running engine. But then again not, because with the vehicle stationary does not already running and then again automatically starts (start-stop system). By the way, also otherwise the interior noise is damped much more.

To the many electronic assistance such as the camera back or the automatic measurement and steering into a parking space, the for a extra charge distance warning comes with warning light and sound, specific reinforcement of the brake pressure and even automatically braking in a certain speed range if the driver does not. In addition to the already known help to maintain the traffic lane is added the fatigue assistant. The observed the nature of the steering movements and advises if necessary a break.

A little more recent than the presentation of the VW Passat in Europe is the in the United States. There is also one of our opinion not to ordinary promotional film we want to share with you. You will find this at the bottom of the page and look also on the price the is called at the end. By the way, the dollar is currently (2011) only worth about 0.73 €, incidentally, what the price of the somewhat longer U.S. Passat still makes look much more favorable.

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