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1962 Karmann Ghia (type 34)

In the success of the Karmann Ghia on the basis of the Beetle 1955 will tie the type 34. Its base is the Type 3, of which it adopts the entire underbody including drive up to parts of the interior. The 'hat' comes again from the Italian design firm Ghia in Turin, but with elements of the Chevrolet Corvair. Of interest is the modification of the otherwise circumferential edge behind the doors and in the middle in front. The edge is by the way, at that time a distinct challenge for sheet metal processing, but also for the safety regulations of different potential export destinations.
Thus all in all is missing the great response. The numbers are too low for the remaining countries, the price too high and the distance in theperformance is not big enough to the smaller model. The larger version also planned and the convertible (image 2 above) remain prototypes.

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