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VW Convertible (1. Series)

With the first Beetle Convertible, the company Karmann has developed and later became a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation, thee.g. also has a manufacturing facility in USA. It has even tried it once with a vehicle under its own name but then went back to its roots, the production of folding and spoiler roofs and especially car bodies for other car manufacturers. Meanwhile, it also produces coupes and convertibles for manufacturers such as Mercedes and BMW.

Shown here is one of the last VW convertibles in closed state. It has - just like the closed Beetle - because of the American safety regulations a longer front with McPherson struts and more front luggage compartment, a more tilted and more rounded windscreen and another suspension rear. It is also to recognize at the type designation, that ends not with a round number, e.g. 1303 instead of 1300. 02/19


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