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 Engine Oil-Finder

Beetle 2 - Engine technology

Engine technology 2

The blower fan - in the center on the left, clearly recognisable in the lower figure - rotated in a sheet-metal housing, it drew in cold air from the rear and pumped it through the oil cooler, into the two cylinder banks which were provided with cooling fins. Below the crankshaft, in the foreground figure, the gear-type oil pump can still be seen, and behind it, the camshaft (green). It was only fitted with four cams because one was always responsible for two valves on the different engine sides. They were operated through tappets, pushrods and rocker arms.

The rotary fan and the cut open oil cooler can again be seen here. For a long time, due to this construction, the third cylinder never received enough air-cooling, and thus, was more prone to breaking down than the others.

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