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1979 VW Jetta

In 2011 is being revived the name for Europe, as it has become apparently indispensable for the rest of the world respectively for U.S. If you look to the car, so one wonders how the name became discredited. After all, it is derived from the jet stream. At Wikipedia is this air flow called very reliable and perhaps is this also true to the styling of the first Jetta.

Compare the front with the of the Golf 1. Even worse, look at (eg on VW-meetings) the old Golf rebuild with the Jetta broadband headlights. Why do you get directly a sense of boredom? Or has one become so accustomed to the golf-face that one everything else considers as failed? Perhaps the fascination is important which creates a round headlight in a relatively square front.

There is another aspect. As a Golf derivative the Jetta is actually failed a little. It has got for a car of its class not quite enough back-seat and too much luggage space. The reason is that one attaches the luggage compartment, but does not move back the rear seat. Good for retired people and pensioners, bad for the image. There also benefit GTI engine and chassis frame not much. By the way, the car will come later still in more youthful hands because they're looking for cheap and well-maintained vehicles with low mileage. Sometimes however, the car is mistreated outwardly brutal (probably from a love-hate).

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