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2023 VW I.D. Buzz

Yes, it's manufactured in Hanover, but it won't be on the market until 2024, primarily in North America, hopefully not too much later here too. Incidentally, it will then be the only purchasable available version of the ID.Buzz there.

In this country it should also bring a little momentum to the short version. There will be no cargo version of the long version, which currently accounts for 50 percent of sales. Promising results are emerging from the collaboration with Ford.

The 25 cm more length and wheelbase of the new vehicle are striking when viewed from the side. It can be assumed that the rear of the vehicle has remained roughly the same. In any case, there is still a motor in there, but here it is 40 kW more powerful.

Also to be assumed: The battery from CATL has got the 8 kWh more capacity through improved efficiency, because the ID.7 has the same battery with 'only' 3 m wheelbase. More powerful engine and more capacity lead to a curiosity: in North America of all places possibly 160 km/h, while in Europe it will probably remain at 145 km/h.

The new glass roof deserves attention because, unlike the current ID.Buzz, it is no longer divided into two. The manufacturer describes it as the largest it has ever built, but it still doesn't even reach the third row of seats. As in the ID.7, it can be darkened almost steplessly, additionally electric sliding windows.

Access to the rear seats through a 19 cm wider sliding door is a very good solution. In addition, even the seats in the second row can be folded forward very effectively. What is striking, however, is the massive design around the discs. There is not necessarily much space left for a California version.

As already mentioned, the model series will be reorganized next year. There should be a variant with 125 kW and 63 kWh. But whether one can then hope for a lower purchase price than the current approx. € 65,000, who knows? A version with two engines is then available for the seemingly open-ended price scale.

Inside, everything has probably stayed the same, even the steering wheel. After all, the slider for temperature and volume can be illuminated. The center display is said to be 12.9 inches now instead of 12, but much less of it is usable because it is permanently occupied by permanent icons at the top and bottom.

There's now a head-up display, but without augmented reality. The heat pump, which will be available from then on, seems to be much more important.

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