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2019 VW ID.3

VW obviously wants to bring electric mobility to the public with a concept that has never been seen before. This has long been the case with the internal combustion engine, namely the possibility of 'slimmed down' versions. It gives hope that the targeted threshold of 30,000 euros for the cheapest model will be met.

Of course the more expensive versions are offered first.

However, it is important to stress that this is not only a smaller model in terms of battery capacity, but also, for example, in terms of charging power. But one does not necessarily have to regret that only here three-phase charging was saved, because with the then alleged 7.2 kW instead of 3.6 kW at the household socket the smallest ID still gets fully loaded overnight. But then you need a wallbox, not necessarily with the more expensive models.


We don't know yet whether the performance of the engine will also be limited or it will be the same for all three battery capacities. However, the previously announced 310 Nm seems to be enough torque to keep the engine going, especially since they're available from zero. And another wise decision: The 150 kW can 'only' be called up for 30 seconds, which is completely sufficient.

VW's old strategy of first letting the others rush ahead and then learning from their mistakes. So nothing essential was forgotten, e.g. liquid cooling for the battery. Thus also a heat pump is possible, which is offered however with the 1st edition only in the highest equipment stage. At the front the drive unit would be much more space-saving, but a larger wheel angle is possible, which makes the car more manoeuvrable. VW can also keep the option 'all-wheel drive'.

However, one rubs the eyes in amazement when one discovers disk brakes that are not ventilated at the front of the platform and drum brakes at the rear. What might be the reason? Costs, I don't think so, shoud I? Perhaps a more effective handbrake in view of the expected weights? We will see if the usual braking distances can be achieved today.08/19

English subtitles are already integrated . . .

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