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2023 VW ID.2 all

Finally a ray of hope at VW. One rememberd that the real name is 'Volkswagen'. But that was also urgently needed, e.g. after the completely flubbed study so far. They don't reveal everything, e.g. the battery capacity. It would be interesting if at least the middle one of the new MEB entry kit would still be possible.

No, how is that possible, VW builds a reasonable car. Just look at the data and you will see what has been kept from us in this direction so far. Finally front-wheel drive, so no more consideration for the all-wheel drive. Back to the torsion beam axle and perhaps a reasonable capacity of battery despite the shorter wheelbase.

The luggage compartment increases by more than 100 liters with the rear seat backrests normally upright. This is practically the cavity that all IDs keep free in principle if they are not ordered with all-wheel drive. So people at VW are remembering not to think just about selling expensive extras.

There were also legitimate arguments against front-wheel drive in the Hyundai Kona. But has long been a thing of the past due to corresponding electronic regulation. A turning circle that is too small is also sometimes complained about. If the engine were also braked here when the wheel deflects too much, the drive shafts would have no problem with it.

The practical, foldable seats of the rear bench have been taken over from Honda.

And all of this despite the fact that the new model is a whopping 21 cm shorter and has a wheelbase that is 16.5 cm shorter. With about the same width, it is also almost 4 cm lower. And it looks good. No, we don't want ten new models by 2026, we want this one as soon as possible. That would be close to the currently heavily shaken customers.

As already promised, you can also work on a model under €20,000, but without the models appearing and the delivery times possibly increasing even more, the customers don't benefit from it. A predicted, broad electric portfolio is nice, one on the road is significantly better.

The specification of the wheels is obviously an error.

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