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2013 VW Golf Variant

With the term 'racy', one should handle somewhat less inflationary. It is the question whether it can be used for a rearward about 30 centimeters extended Golf with correspondingly larger luggage compartment. Undoubtedly, the designers succeeded in to let be not too bulky the huge rear end. Here, the station wagon also benefits from the sharpened optics of the Golf 7.

The next Passat Variant tail will finally be able to break away from the Golf?

Traditionally, the Golf and its Variant are identical up to the B-pillar. In this case this is also true for the wheel base. After all, only 80 kg more weight are to complain about. The new car advertises for the guild of reasonable space glider, the additional space gain place aerodynamically more favorable rear than up. There still remains room for additional luggage on vacation.

'Roof railing' and 'Variant' make you want to vacation at the seaside.

Cheap of course, the pleasure at VW can not be. Actually, it would be 1,000 euros more for the Variant. However, as the basic model of the four-door Golf meantime has skipped the 18,000 euros, the difference is somewhat smaller. However, the basic equipment is already relatively complete. Recommendable continues to be the dual clutch transmission, in order to be able to use at least for the phenomenal upshift the term 'sporty'.

The suspensions also will be unfortunately more and more 'sporty'.

The VW brochure also is incidentally no longer what it once was. Just as the user manual can not breathe out of sheer warning notices, the brochure abounds exclusively with 'BlueMotion' and 'BlueMotion Technology'.New is now 'BlueTDI'. When finally comes 'BlueTSI'? One should say the VW superiors that a differentiation is only useful if it gives the normal, too. But such thing does not seem conceivable at VW currently.

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