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2013 VW Golf Sportsvan

Make the roof with 12.6 cm (but calculated with wheel railing) higher, lengthen the car by 8.3 cm and the wheelbase by about half that amount. The modular transverse matrix makes it possible. Difficult to measure the gain up front, but behind the front seats, 250 liters of space gain are possible.

Longer, higher, but barely wider ...

Now of course is interesting a comparison with the Golf Variant. The brings to light a 5 cm shorter (!) wheelbase because the of Variant and normal Golf are identical. But at the same it has 22.4 cm more length. The height is the same for Variant and Sportsvan. Although the Golf Plus is considered as the predecessor of the Sportsvan, but differed only in the roof height significantly from the normal Golf. That has now changed, thus making the Sportsvan more interesting, a bead through both door handles and the fuel cap more up to date.

A lot of effort was put into concealing the greater height by attractively designing the side surfaces. This includes the window areas that extend far into the D-pillar. A corrugation goes through both door handles and the tank cap. The larger wheelbase stretches the car even further. The system of sliding bench and folding loading floor is also helpful inside.

900,000 Golf Plus sold to date.

Taking a look at the prices, then the difference is € 2,550 at the basic model with the smallest engine, when taking into account the additional costs for the four-door. The surprise is perfect when you know that the Variant is cheaper € 675. By the way, for the are specified yet 100 litres more cargo space than for the Sportsvan. In the city the slightly shorter car is of course a little more favourable.

€2,200 to €2,500 more expensive than the Golf

So best to compare all three Golf models, of course, also the respective offering versions. From the surcharge policy one can advise to the diesel engine. The with 81 kW is miraculously only € 1,175 more expensive than in the normal Golf. Priced therebetween the Variant moves. The Variant with more cargo volume is always cheaper in terms of prices, the petrol engine even more than the diesel engine.

These are now all no huge amounts, but VW positions the Sportsvan obviously higher than the other two. That's already worth a new name. So one understand also the reference to the 'assistants of the upper class' the one may order in the Sportsvan. That will be interesting in the next round, if even the Variant benefits from the new modular transverse matrix.

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