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  2002 VW Golf R32

How do you moderate the sporty Golf in such a way that the fans take their breath away? Of course through engine power. And since all the possibilities of the previous engines seem to have been exhausted thanks to 16 valves and G60 charging, the best option is the always suitable concept with more displacement.

No, with two liters the current engine can no longer be developed further because the distance between the cylinders is fixed for production reasons. But there is still the V6 in the Phaeton, which is actually a VR6 and therefore fits diagonally under the hood of the Golf.

No, the fans didn't hold their breath because his performance didn't blow their minds. But stainless steel tailpipes, spoilers on the front and side, 18'' aluminum wheels, special sports seats and a tight chassis probably. Added to this is the all-wheel drive that has already been introduced in Golf Country.

It is significant that the engine has remained the dream of many, mainly private tuners, for other Golf models. So its performance couldn't have been that bad.

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