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2014 VW Golf R

11% more power, 21% less CO2 than its predecessor

It is of course more strongly than its direct predecessor, but what is actually amazing for an engine with 221 kW (300 HP) is the CO2-value of 159 g/km, achieved here with the direct manual transmission. Of course, the car creates this value only at most cautious style of driving and probably only the engineers at VW will know how the value develops when you drive fast.

If you have only downsized the engines in this performance class on four cylinders, then a large number of cylinders or a large engine displacement can thus no longer prevent reduction of consumption. With the boost pressure is regulated, for example, as well depending on the gas pedal the respective performance, the engine 'slips into the skin' of a smaller with a corresponding CO2 emission. The driver is even more than usual responsible for this.

So this phenomenal value is apparently generated, but you also must take into account the all-wheel drive. Regulation to and fro, its components are driven with permanently. Maybe that helps even the lowering by 20 millimeters (5 mm more than GTI) something, although that is probably not thought to save fuel.

No, it shall to be fun and VW shows that too, by inviting all kinds of journalists and celebrities to Sweden. Check out the videos! However, one has probably paid attention here on the selection of locations, because winter capability and sports suspension probably do not fit really together.

One could of course now lament about the price, the with double manual transmission exceeds the limit of 40,000 € and with extras probably still the € 60,000. Mind you, the cheapest model, there is presently for approximate € 17,000. But even here the above stated astonishment resurfaces that the with 113 g/km is not that much better, as one might suspect it at a performance of far less than one-third.

Of course, the engine is up to date. Here, the exhaust manifold is included in the cylinder head and the temperature subjected a permanent electronic control. Meanwhile, also on the exhaust side the valve lift is graded changeable.

Meanwhile, there is even a Golf R Cabrio.

According to VW, Haldex is now already in the fifth generation. The car powers normally no longer for reasons of economy the rear axle, though, for example, the propeller shaft of course still runs. If necessary, the connection can be closed in a split second. The moments front/rear can be distributed completely free. To this end, in addition to the wheel speeds and axle loads will evaluated also e.g. the steering angle.

With Haldex is thus locked longitudinal, transverse up front and rear by braking action. The good cornering ability will increased, because the brake becomes effective here e.g. on the inner curve wheel. On this model is interesting the disengageable stability control for sporting purposes. By the way, an electronically controlled damping is available only for additional charge. 04/14

The Golf shall with more than 30 million cars 40 years old.

Der Golf wird mit mehr als 30 Mio. Exemplaren 40 Jahre alt.

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