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VW Golf 4

After three model generations since 1974, the Golf has become a myth. Meanwhile it has to lose a reputation, perhaps is more difficult than winning one. It is considered - at least in Europe - as a reference model for the compact class, although it has not really established. That seems to be typical for VW models. Come late but push themselves partly still up to the top.

What makes a Golf? Is it the box shape with a large hatchback and relatively wide, windowless C-pillar? Notwithstanding thereof the front windshield has become flatter, to achieve a truly acceptable cW value. Striking against its predecessors are now much more suitable, large wheels (15 - 17 inches). In fact belongs to the Golf a two-eyed face. Since the previous-generation four headlights are combined into two units. What is new is the transparent cover and also between the two headlights the indicator and the fog light. Visually, this front remains close to its predecessors, even by the continued maintained horizontal lamellas in theradiator grille.

VW points to the seamless integration of the bumpers. In spite of paint in body color thes have additional lining strips and should absorb 8 km /h uncomplainingly against a wall. Joints in any case are a topic from this model, they are so small as never before. Obviously the body is more stable and therefore requires less balance between the individual sheet metal parts. In addition, the tolerances in sheet metal processing probably could be reduced significantly.

If you are interested in the increase in measurements within the Golf development of models, click here. Particularly important is the wheelbase, which is something like a comfort dimension. Thus the car protrudes for the first time clearly over 4 meters. Nearly 1,200 liters the luggage compartment takes with folded rear seat. The since 1999 Variant is even longer and therefore has more capacity, perhaps even with the prettier rear.

Let us take a moment at the rear. In the one year after the presentation appearing four-wheel drive (4MOTION), there is a higher luggage compartment floor and then instead of an adequate full-size spare wheel only a spare wheel. In this compartment is reflected (perhaps more clearly to the competition) a little bit the proverbial VW quality, at first glance the tool and the trailer coupling in the spare tyre and the storage spaces and in the side coverings. Even more clearly it is to see at the quality of the coverings and fasteners.

The dashboard is different from its predecessor, even through the optional display. Through the steering wheel it glows blue at night, and between the tachometer and speedometer, there is a central display that shows open doors, current fuel consumption, range, outside temperature and radio stations. One has learned because the knob is now rotatable to adjust the clock. Despite passenger air bag a large, lockable glove compartment is available. Oh yes, I almost forgot the foldable, something unstable cupholder. After all, the dashboard cover one do not reminds at a plastic desert. However, one searchs in vain in the Golf the many storage compartments of some competitors. And with the folded out armrest will be then the difficult to handle hand brake engaged rather weak.

The number of additional practical little helpers is large compared to the previous model. Already in the normal model you have the control over the brake pads and window cleaning water. Due to legal obligations, the exhaust gas warning lamp (MIL) is added. Low beam is switched off not only by turning off the ignition to position light, there is also a warning tone when leaving the car. More lights illuminate the interior at night when needed. For the wiper circuit, there is a rain sensor and an easier adjustment possibility of the intervals. The steering wheel now gets the first function key.

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