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1976 VW Golf I GTI

It is not the first time that within the VW group something is created down which then slowly paves the way to the top management, in this case, with uncertainty up to presentation date combined, whether the series production ever comes about. There are a number of descriptions, how a small group of enthusiasts in the factory developed the idea for this car and partly realized after work. The time is against them, yet the fuel price is greatly increased and the world demands economical and slightly sporty cars.

The just in series produced Golf has ambivalent requirements for this project. The form does not seem particularly predestined for high speeds, but the low curb weight gives hope for a special acceleration and good handling. The engine is from Audi and the technicians there help the project, by offering instead of the targeted 74 kW engine (100 hp) one with 81 kW (110 hp).

The new is equipped with K-Jetronic even again such an ambiguous product. It gives the engine wings, but also involved in more than 10 years hot starting problems. It is sensitive like a diva. Minimum impurities or water or rust inclusions lead to unequal injection quantities. It also shares with other injection systems the displeasure of fuel pumps with high cornering speeds provide always sufficient fuel.

The ingredients are really well chosen. There is in addition to the economical engine, despite high-performance the still comfortable suspension, the discreet blacken by side strips, rear hood and front spoiler. The trick is how to deal with so few effort in the interior, one almost can create a legend. Currently (2006) one is planning the return of the golf ball as a gearstick knob. The checkered pattern of the seats is already revived. Added to this is a fancy steering wheel (fig. 4) and the obligatory instrumentation, then unavoidably with center console and additional instruments. The car is a success and establishes a new class of vehicles.

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