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2013 VW Golf GTD

Proactive passenger protection
Automatic distance control
Lane keeping assist
Traffic sign recognition
City emergency braking
Parking assist
Automated lighting function
Driving profile selection
Electronic parking brake
Info-/entertain system

Compared to its predecessor, the performance has been increased again. The GTD arguably represents the most reasonable form of speeding. After all, the manufacturer promises 4.2 litres/100km, which in practice probably should end at 6 litres/100km. Of course, one may for this not necessarily take full advantage of the increased cornering speed.

This includes the progressive steering, the steering movements shortened by about 20 percent and thereby saves to encompass. The vehicle appears more manageable. Also, the advanced electronic differential lock helps. The idea here is, braking interventions to coordinate even more sensitive and better to the still possible friction and to reduce to a necessary minimum. A limited-slip differential built into the axle drive that would use instead of braking force thrust in curves, however, the GTD has not.

Otherwise, the sporty Diesel is not at all similar its predecessor contrary to some prophecies of doom. It comes flatter, perhaps also has by the further back moved engine a flatter hood and a much more below the bumper displaced grille. It looks much more dynamic on the sides. In the above grille fits more poorly rather than well the trademark VW.

Basically, the Golf 7 looks something like the little brother of the Golf 6, although it is slightly grown in dimensions. Therewith it is better suited as a basis for a sport version. However, one wonders where the extra pounds again come from compared to the basic version of the Golf 7. That improved electronics, other seats and wider wheels can be so heavy ...

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