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1993 VW Golf III Convertible

Thus one advertise at this time for a car: She and he on a lonely but therefore very rough beach alone with the shown above convertible, possible even at sunset. Nowhere is to see another car, no traffic jams, just nature.

Back to technology. Of course, the VW Golf remains the basis, but after all, the designers of VW and Karmann have even taken more freedom at the rear than with Golf 1. Due to the rising side line, result is a larger trunk and mainly a reasonable opening. It is not yet the time of the variable convertible top troughs. No, no matter whether the roof is open or closed, there is always the same luggage capacity. If needed is possible through the folding backrest a smaller opening to the rear seats.

But this also has advantages because of that rigid plate between the top tray and trunk a stability is obtained, modern convertibles must buy with more increase in weight. Thus, the Golf III Cabrio with 120 kg of extra weight is still fairly favorable. 13 kg of which are claimed by a casting that has been bedded in rubber in the trunk on the left rear, certain vibration peaks of the body absorb.

In the first year there is only the top from plastic that made of fabric (extra charge) is available later on. It looks naturally more beautiful, but may be cleaned only by hand. In general, the multi-layer soft top is a source of happiness. If you're not at sea with a lot of cross wind on the road, the noises are really tolerable up to highway speed limit. If you handle it well, e.g. the car will be not often open overnight, it lasts forever and a day. So the interior remains nicely warm in the winter together with the already more powerful heating. However, it is even in summer in case of dark colors. In general, the interior is relatively dark with closed soft top.

During the first time you drive even with wind screen and cover the open top always with the tarpaulin. Later change this. One uses more quickly every opportunity to drive open. Fortunately, the omission of the tarpaulin is allowed. Indeed the interior is comfortable behind, but relatively limited in width. The luggage compartment is sufficient for hotel holidays. For more luggage the space behind the rear seat backrest can be used with a lot of skill and closed top. Thus the old VW Beetle feeling lives again.

The basic version has the same transmission as the next more powerful. Thereby it is transmitted very long allowing at free highway amazing speeds to relatively affordable fuel consumption. Useful for overtaking is the same front design as the GTI, but at extra cost. But increases the traffic, then you have to hold back more often from the left lane because of the lack of engine power. Here have the stronger versions an advantage, but well with some express surcharge. Unfortunately, just two years after starting the convertible it is available with diesel engine, whereby VW is the first company to offer such a combination. With the Golf 4 1998 is there again a skilful (only external) design adaptation, that makes the car attractive for another four years together with a revised offer of gasoline engines.

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