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2011 VW Golf Cabrio

The former convertible versions were not real VWs. Anyway, they did not develop at VW in Wolfsburg, not even in Brussels or otherwise in a VW plant. Just like for example the VW-Porsche and of course the types 34. On the roll bar of the 1993 convertibles then stood 'Karmann' together with the emblem. So the VW plant is currently making efforts for the rebirth of the Karmann factories.

It is produced so in the same plant. It looks good, for it was just not cut out only from the sedan, but also changed, for example by a flatter windshield. Closed it looks a little like its predecessor, still open is the difference by the lack of roll bar enormously. It is now partly replaced by two square bars, which pop out in case of imminent rollover. One cannot replace the upper pivot point of the safety belts that come now from the lower side cover.

No, the car is not made lighter through the missing roll bar. Yet there are always 180 kg of excess weight against the saloon. After all the car spared the hinged lid of the Eos and the windshield also saves enough free space over the heads. With the reinforcements, the torsional rigidity is also likely to have increased compared to its predecessor. What's even been dropped? Well, the simple red luminous paint. Instead, there are only even metallic lacquer. The spirit of the time is as that ...

No, that is not entirely correct. Because, strangely enough, the white paintwork remained, as a standard version, so to speak. Or should we say: 'As a deterrent'? It is the only one without the 500 euro additional charge. We recommend considering them together with red leather upholstery. Then you have to pay 2,650 euros, but that's still cheaper than with the normal Golf, where you first have to order the 'Comfortline' for 1,825 euros and then add 2,250 euros.

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