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2013 VW Golf BlueMotion

Since there are still people who say that the cars were better earlier. But please compare the driving performance of this vehicle with those of a Chevrolet Corvette from 1953 or a Jaguar XK 120. These were already sporting cars for the time. And yet, this Golf 'saving model' defeats both in acceleration and in top speed.

Granted, for the Blue Motion it's not about such values. It scores with low consumption. And if one currently claims rightly, the values would be mostly higher by around 25 percent in practice, then still for this model comes out just 4.0 litres/100km. This is probably the most reasonable what you can buy currently.

Meanwhile, the diesel has also learned to limit emissions of possibly carcinogenic substances to an absolute minimum. Since coming out of the exhaust only 0.03 g/km of particulate matter according to the manufacturer. How far away that is from the detection limit? We adhere to the 85 g/km CO2 and think that this version of the Golf well stack up against comparison. And to whom the space is not enough can indeed opt for the Variant.

The predecessor was only available with a very specific equipment. At this one you can choose freely. Instead of five it has 6 gears particularly splayed. Gear oil with more viscose improves the efficiency as well as e.g. easier unrolling bearings on the camshaft. In addition, there is at all new VW more recently the electronic thermal management and the integration of the exhaust manifold in the cylinder head.

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