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2010 VW Golf Blue Motion

After good experience with Golf 2 (14 years - 200,000 km) and very good with Golf 3 (17 years - 200,000 km), it should again be a Golf, for I would rather give a bit more money when buying and can save myself thus repairs. Buying new via the Internet brings enormous savings, but also has small traps.

So it obviously makes sense to order at high discount the winter tyres directly with, wherein these with the transport free home however should cost € 150 more. If one opposes in time, one may pick them up for example on the way back from a vacation from the (not very close located) dealer without extra charge.

Unbelievable, what is made for an effort today. To me it was enough completely, that the things in plastic wrap ended up in my luggage space. Drive for example Audi TT, then there is of course accordingly more valuable protection. Rims of winter tyres are also no longer simply black, but see with their plastic covering nearly look for more than the summer alloy rims.

It should be a Blue Motion, which has consequences for the order. You need to make any big ideas, because the selection is very small. It makes sense to me that one must resist a sliding roof because of the higher air resistance, but why is there only one fabric sofa set of seats, who knows?

However, it is really tolerable, especially if its blue colour harmonizes with the exterior paint. Unfortunately, the sports suspension is a must, of course without the usual, even wider tyres. To make it short, you notice it in the running-in period a little more than afterwards.

How about, instead of lowering to offer a six-speed gearbox, but one that deserves its name? That should be no criticism of the current transmission, on the contrary, this is graded excellent, with the fifth speed only from 60/70 km/h. You can reach wonderfully low highway rotational speeds and still do not feel to sit in a particularly old bucket.

No, seriously, even an entire gear about it, who deserves its name, 1600 rpm at 120 km/h, that would be something. But I can already hear the complaints about lousy acceleration experience on the highway. But what is wrong with it please, at particular uphill grades or acceleration intended to shift down one or even two gears? Are we become so lazy?

To put it straight to the point, the latest Golf has once again become better. Yet his lack of noise is perhaps his most eminent feature. One has the feeling that when closed it is still a bit quieter. 130 km/h and still enjoy music one was not so used of the predecessors. That there was once only in the top class.

Everything in the interior for long distances a help, especially eg the seats. The dashboard has now also the necessary level. The clarity is still good despite relatively flat-lying windshield. Only the upper cover of the comparatively high dashboard could still use some more chic.

That means of course not, there might even be placed chrome decoration, which would reflect in the windshield. That's the little annoyance of the probably absolutely necessary VW logo in the steering wheel. There then are reflected passing headlights at night and irritate. Is that not to do more decent? I know finally that I sitting in a vehicle of the Volkswagen group.

I can either get upset over little things as well as be very happy. The latter applies to the speedometer, which is spread in the lower part. If you ask me, this is a direct help to speed cameras in the 30 km zone. Also the different options of the display please me good.

Which brings us to the user manual. That it has meanwhile become a real book would not be so bad, but these warning notices are a truly on my nerves. I guess if they are evenly distributed, there is on each side a warning. Presumably, VW has lost several lawsuits and perhaps someone needed to pay compensation for damages, who has forgotten to take off the sunglasses in the tunnel.

One would have to give a warning, then says, any court and all others must endure this nonsense. It is the first car, the operating instructions I did not read correctly. I apply a second version for 'normal' drivers. Especially at this car and for example when operating the radio reading would have been more important than with previous cars.

In general one have at this golf, similar to a Windows PC, the feeling of a certain own authority. Not only because when cornering or by certain steering movements a cornering lamp illuminates the side or when traveling on the reserve still possible kilometers faster count down than the mileage counter up and then also no other display is possible.

A good example of this thesis is the start-stop system. That it sometimes simply refuses and you see absolutely no reason for this and not get displayed, perhaps I can understand even. But that it e.g. now in the winter sometimes turns off the engine and then after barely half a minute without any movement from me start again, is not plausible to me.

Of course these are all little things. Driving with the car is running perfectly. No problems with possible stalling of the engine with too little gas. Sure, you notice that the charger sometimes not yet really pushes at the bottom, but with the correct gear, it's not a problem. Also, e.g. the consumption of the not just cheap engine oil keeps very limited.

5 l/100km in winter, plus degrees, corresponding to tyres and 130 km/h tachometer are realistic, 4.4 l/100km in the summer without air conditioning.

What you may not say about that damned fuel consumption. I must say that I am a little disappointed here. The factory promises more than the car can make true. It is the first car with whom I can not reach the indicated consumption. A three before comma I've seen exactly two times:

1. At the first trip from the 'Autostadt' Wolfsburg car on the (empty) country road to Hanover.
2. Suddenly, in city traffic out of the blue up to the garage at home.

Otherwise, this fabulous consumption was never seen again. If you ask me, you would have to spend hours in the summer driving at 80 km/h on a country road, the 100 km/h allows, to delay all traffic, maybe you had a chance. I really do not know how the VW engineers have come to this fabulous data. 3.4 litres/100km on the country road?

To rescue the reputation it must be said, however, that consumption even not immense increases at a faster. If you do not want to be quick with power, you can get there with 5 litres/100 km. Instead however, low temperatures and winds make more strongly noticeable. Then you need to calculate even at 100 km/h with cruise control half a liter more.

Speaking of speed: To the cheating with the specified fuel consumption a fast reading of the speedometer comes, which significantly is at 120 km/h with 9 km/h. For me it is clear the car manufacturers have to be more honest, because if one only once begins with the fantastic descriptions, you never get out of the lies.


One does not consider it possible ... I recently between two dates a little too much time. The result is a slow ride on the highway, for safety behind a truck. Sunshine, beautiful music and the view randomly oriented on the fuel consumption display: 3,8 ... 3,7 ... 3,6 ... 3, 5 ... 3,4 l/100km. These are numbers that I never even 've seen and that on winter tyres.

If accelerating doesn't help anyway, consistently ignore the downshift indicator.

The circuit is a little dazzler. In the new vehicle it seemed perfect. No hesitation, every gear flew in without stopping anywhere on the way to its final position. And that with a cable shift. But I now know that this circuit also only recognizes half-engaged gears. Nevertheless, it remained reasonably precise.

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