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VW Golf 6

Always shorter the intervals in which the Golf is renewed. Was it still a life span of nine years at the Golf 1, this is shrunk to five. Whether this continues? The question seems justified, yet the last exchange from No. 5 to No. 6 was something between facelift and a real model change.

The biggest change has taken place under the metal, because the diesel engines now all changed from unit injectors to Common Rail. Significantly, the sharpened optics especially in the front. The body dimensions are unchanged except for marginalia. Therefore the Golf remains in contrast to competitors (eg Citroen C4) a member of the compact class, what can be only welcomed, given the traffic conditions.

But the manufacturer wants to save with this model also costs. Thus in the same remaining door openings, the doors themselves changed. The sheet metal part is now made of one piece no more separation between inner and car body shell. A glance at the dashboard shows more increase in costs, because it looks more valuable. So flares again the old competitive struggle between mother VW and daughter Audi.

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