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  VW Cross Coupé GTE

This is a classic full-hybrid with the properties of a plug-in. Because when running only on electricity, in a few cases, the power is only sufficient for 32 km., this car was probably designed for emission free driving through the city-centres. Thus, it should always have fully charged batteries available. This is important in the USA, because here, purely electric cars have a number of privileges, e.g., they have their own lane.

All-wheel drive: The electric motor up front can drive the rear wheels.

What is being done here, is research for, based on what the American market would consider to be a mid-size SUV. It should be leaning towards the design of the 5 meter long, seven-seater, which is to be produced in Chattanooga (Tennessee) at the end of 2016, and which is also described as being mid-sized. The new look should correspond to the 'American Way of Life' design and show the direction in which the future models for the American market will be going. VW has to catch up on lost ground in USA.

System-performance: 265 kW (360 HP)

At least, despite having the characteristics of a coupé, the roof will not be sloping excessively towards the rear. The front end appearance, which seems to give up none of its height in favour of more favourable aerodynamics, could almost be described as being aggressive. Polished and brushed aluminium dominates. The twin-headlamps use LED-technology and together with the radiator grille and the air-intakes create a 'signature' to be used as day-time driving lights

Five different drive-modes

The text published by VW is interesting, it's the fundamental explanation of the dashboard design throughout the company, namely horizontal and easy or intuitively to operate, The first mentioned feature of course, benefits the changeover to display-technology, which includes the instruments behind the steering wheel. In the Mercedes F 015 the display stretches over the entire dashboard. With the second feature, the touch screen- technology (either 10,1 or 12,3 inch) is mainly meant, indeed, this doesn't necessarily mean actually touching the screen (approximation-sensors). 01/15

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