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VW Camping bus T1

Even in the middle of the last century the company Westfalia already has a long tradition in the conversion of everyday vehicles to camping mobiles. Why did miss there the responsible persons the start of the transporter from VW as a potential source for new customers, remains a mystery. Thus only an American puts on the right track the responsible persons in Rheda-Wiedenbrück by a conversion contract.

Westfalia: inventor of the ball joint trailer coupling

The result is a 'box', to be presented in 1952 and thus from the T1 makes a camper initially without awning. After all, a roof rack forms the second expansion stage from which one can pull out, already so striped red and white like a little later the tent in front. The seats can be refunctioned inside. 1.83 meters length are probably sufficient for most couples as a double bed.

Of course, this box is so designed that it can quickly be removed Sunday night or at the end of the holiday. Who can afford already a car just for the holidays at the time? During the week the T1 provides services as usual in a craft shop. However also from 1960 is to achieve real long-distance travel not easy, given the massive workshop monitoring (every 2500 or 5000 km).


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