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  VW Caddy

Somehow I like the Caddy. It is an outcast, once originally designed as a modification of the Volkswagen Golf, a pickup truck, which became only with additional plastic upper part to a utility wagon. Then two model generations passed round between the VW daughters and now returned as a useful addition to the VW program.

Who really is looking for the girl friday (why girl actually), make a find here. Only in comparison to other VW models for less money, but in proven quality and technique. And what one has not treat to it by the original model, the Golf V, is not so important on sober reflection.

More important in this vehicle category is variability when loading as an independent rear suspension. Optional sliding doors on both sides and rear flap instead of rear doors are available. Elsewhere, the possibility of converting to a seven-seater is especially emphasized, not so with the Caddy.

And when I hear this: hard plastic, yes and? The main thing, it can be washed up just fine. Sometimes one want to have even more of it in the interior, because it would take the bare sheet metal something of the tendency to boom. Perhaps self-help is called for here. And then the front and rear just not in the body colour. How easy something happens with such a car and then it would not much matter.

Sure, it will be difficult to heat with 3.2 cubic metres of cargo space. But little hardy natures can order a seat and auxiliary heating. Well, the choice of the station wagon with rear windows, because there will be then also an airbag on the passenger side. Otherwise you would have to supplement it necessarily. As if only transporter, one also thought at the parental controls rear.

And all this in the simplest version for well 1300 kg kerb weight. However, you can still significantly reduce the CO2 emissions and above all your expenses for fuel if you order the natural gas version. But the former can also be reached with the smallest diesel. Also your maximum payload is then retained.

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