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2004 Golf 5 - GTI

One of the first direct injection gasoline engines with turbocharging. What is striking is the relatively high compression for a turbocharger and the low nominal speed. Because of the large stroke, the piston speed is relatively high for this rated speed.

No matter, this Golf accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds. You have to experience it once with the new dual clutch transmission, even just as a spectator. How one gear after the other appears to be engaged without any pause in shifting.

The electronic differential lock ensures that the power reaches the road relatively safely. The sports seats, of course again with a checked pattern, give the driving dynamics better support. Special aluminum wheels and sports steering wheel do the rest.

For the 30th birthday there is even a special series with 30 extra horsepower. Here, 245 km/h is possible with a manual transmission. The so-called Pirelli Golf from 2007, a homage to the first Golf GTI, is almost even more famous.

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