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Motorcycle 3

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The Thirties started bad for everyone. One only produced, which was believed, the potential customer can afford it. In addition, the Triumph-Werke strained some ineffectiveness. Also, the car division seemed to enjoy a certain priority. By chief engineer Edward Turner, headhunted from Ariel has been cleaned up.

He tightened the model program and obviously found again the way to the customer. In addition to chrome trim on the tank the name 'Tiger' together with the achievable mileage helped to increase sales. That began so from Tiger 70 to later even 100. The based on Turners two-cylinder, who proved on this engine, that four valves do not always have to be driven from above and still can have two camshafts.

Then the Second World War came, which beside a large volume of orders for simpler motorcycles very soon brought the destruction of the factory buildings. Coventry has attracted almost magically German attacks not only because of its location of the vehicle production but also as a industrial focal point. One outsourced and produced in makeshift conditions.

Thus, a new plant was needed after the war. Of course, it was again close to Coventry. Sometime the production started of the still famous Speed Twin of Edward Turner. The performances were slightly lower probably due to poor fuel quality. That way the T100 has been reduced from 25 kW (34 HP) to 22 kW (22HP) and the 160 km/h probably could be achieved only with tail wind.

Even longer time the compression of the models delivered to the USA was higher than the remaining in Europe. With the Thunderbird 6T was again reached the old capacity of 650 cc. Despite good sales to USA, Triumph was taken over by BSA early fifties, but produced its larger machines furthermore. There were added Scooter and even more powerful motorcycles.

The result was a T110 and also the first rear suspension, better late than never. Triumph motorcycles were actually always lightweight, so good acceleration with the new engine with 31 kW (42 HP) was nothing in the way. At the same time one used for the cylinder head aluminum from now. End of the 50s a type designation first appeared, Triumph benefits from still today: Bonneville. 12/13

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