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2017 Toyota Yaris

The Yaris has been sold 3 million times since the last century, 2016 over 200,000. The positive image of Toyota's hybrid technology contributed to a 40 percent share, although 2,200 Euro more expensive than the more powerful only-combustion variant.

Bad times for a Toyota Yaris Diesel.

We are after the facelift of the third generation, may be strongly influenced by the European design studio. The 'X' of the front has been extended to a 'catamaran'. Who believes it? Although there are already moderate imitators, e.g. Hyundai, the Yaris is still a little sticking out in the B segment because of its proximity to Toyota with conceptual looks like the Mirai.

Inside, it was always somewhat different from the competition, rather soft as hard plastic. In addition to changes at the front and rear, the interior is done, too. Notice the colorful dashboard at the picture above. It also has a large number of (optional) assistants. It is not a space miracle especially in the luggage compartment. But it does not disturb the hybrid battery there, because it is under the rear seat bench.

A new addition is the 1.5-liter, whose consumption figures should be more realistic, but still slightly exceeded by testers. The hybrid now promises more than two liters less, has rached in tests in customer's hand with over 0.5 million kilometers to 5 liters per 100 km. It would be interesting to see what the pure combustion Yaris would have consumed during such a test. 04/17