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Toyota Prius Plug-In

Toyota has once again achieved a small, but not insignificant, innovation. As the first manufacturer of a (plug-in) hybrid, there are CO2-values even when the battery is discharged. All the other manufactorers always only display the first 100 kilometers, as if you could not drive further with such a car.

Of course, soon comes the thicker end, namely the price, which at 50 kilometers electrical range unintentionally straddles into the middle of the region of pure electric cars. One can probably state here that the whole combustion additive costs as much as 150 to 200 km real additional E-range.

But with over 10 million sold hybrid vehicles in 20 years, Toyota would not be world champion, if they would not have a solution for the long distance. And even if the values are easily beautified, they state just 79 g / km or 3.4 liters/100km with an empty battery, for such a large car highly respectable. Maybe Toyota should offer the Prius also without an electric drive (joke).

A technical highlight specifically of the plug-in version is the air conditioning as first in the world driven by heat pump. The battery is said to dispose of a new heating system and the unit of generator and electric motor to be smaller, because the latter also is used as a power generator. 02/17