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Toyota Prius Plug-in

Toyota Prius Plug-in
EngineFour-cylinder in-line
Displacement (bore*stroke)1798 cm³ (80,5 mm * 88,3 mm)
Engine controlDohc
Valves4 per cylinder
Torque142 Nm at 4000 rpm
Power73 kW (99 HP) at 5200 rpm
Electric motormax. 60 kW (82 HP)
Total operating performance100 kW (136 HP)
BatteryLithium-ion, 207 V, 21,5 Ah, 4,4 kWh
CO2-emissions85 g/km
TransmissionStepless fully automatic fitted as standard
Wheelbase2.700 mm
Turn radius11.200 mm
Length4.480 mm
Width1.745 mm
Height1.490 mm
Luggage compartment443/1543 liter
Kerb weight1425 kg incl. driver
Drag coefficient0,25
Maximum speed180 km/h

36,200 euros for the most favorable, however not equipped spartanic version, this is not little and probably the most serious disadvantage of the new Prius Hybrid. That is by appropriately saving fuel not so easy to get in. Although one was at Toyota already as clever, it not to overdo with the battery, because that would have become even more expensive.

25 km range can be achieved in the summer without air conditioning and that covers 80 percent of the Central European requirements. In addition, the system needs with household current only 90 minutes to regenerate for another 25 full electric km. However, one should then not drive on the highway because then you get trouble with the trucks at a maximum of 85 km/h.

But there is still the gasoline engine, one gets rid of all the worries. Hard to believe that Toyota and Lexus together sell worldwide monthly 100,000 hybrid vehicles (thus also without plug-in). It really seems to be the onlypopular alternative to pure internal combustion engine. Even, the extra weight keeps still very limited with 39 kg for the battery and 55 kg for the whole car.

Here pays for itself the changed lithium-ion technology compared to the Prius, imperceptibly more restricting the luggage compartment despite a substantial increase in capacity. Toyota points out the much series of tests in the practice to allay the fears of lack of endurance. The competition to the diesel the Prius remains. Just VW brings out a much cheaper Blue-Motion version of the Golf with exactly the same CO2 value. 09/12