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  Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement, (bore. * stroke)2982 cm³ (96,0 mm * 103,0 mm)
Compression ratio15 : 1 (Diesel)
Engine controldohc
Torque420 Nm at 1600-3000 rpm
Performance140 kW (190 HP) at 3400 rpm
CO2-emission214/209 g/km
Drive trainFront engine, all-wheel drive
Transmission6 manual , 5 automatic (+2100 €)
Front suspensionDouble wishbone
Rear suspensionRigid axle
Brakes f/rDiscs, ventilated
Wheels265/65 R 17 (7,5")
265/60 R 18 (7,5")
Wheelbase2.450 mm
Turning circle10.600 mm
Length4.505 mm
Width1.885 mm
Height1.830 mm
Tank capacity87 litres
Loading volume max.1.434 litres
PayloadApprox. 450-600 kg
Kerb weight2065-2235 kg incl. driver
Top speed175 km/h
Purchase priceFrom 40,550 euros
Year of manufactureFrom 2013

Five-door almost 2,850 euros more expensive.

The once manoeuvrable little car has become quite a nice chunk in 60 years. More than 1.8 meters in height is almost a transporter measure. This applies of course not for its relatively short length. This is reduced again by 2 cm at the three-door, just as the wheelbase, the turning circle accordingly a bit larger. Nevertheless, 7 seats are even realizable at the five-door.

Here you can see the starting product of 1953, about one metre shorter, narrower more than 30 cm. Only the wheelbase is comparatively little shrunken, namely 15 cm. The vehicle weighed with 1100 kg about half at that time and made it with with a 50 litres tank at 32 kW (43 HP).

In addition to the diesel engine only available in Germany, there is a V6 petrol engine with direct injection, which is just as good as the diesel with 385 Nm at 4400 rpm in the torque, but is superior with 207 kW (285 HP) at 5600 rpm in terms of performance, of course.

Here you can see the flagship of the ninth generation of Land Cruisers. Which is available in Germany from € 76,750 only as a diesel engine with 6-speed automatic. It then has 200 kW (272 HP) and can now keep up with the V6 petrol engine in terms of performance. Not offered in this country, the V8 petrol engine with 4.6 liter displacement and 5-speed automatic.

Toyota emphasizes at the Land Cruiser the unique combination of a durable and stable body in any terrain with the technical possibilities that are given to the driver's hand. What is meant here is the choice between five modes that replaces long-outdated necessities of switching on the front-wheel drive and locks, as well as off-road gear reductions.

Supportive there is a new 4.2 "colour monitor and of course, the system now includes in the brakes also. Basically, will checked at each wheel, whether it can or must additionally be driven now, or whether even in this wheel is necessary a targeted brake intervention e.g. when driving downhill. It required much less experience, to move such a car in the terrain.

To all this joins, at least in the form of the 3-litres diesel engine, a drive corresponding to the newer exhaust rules, the with its single displacement already nearly goes beyond the scope of the car engine. Very pleasant also the optional adjustable chassis in its spring and damping properties, with which even at this car are further improved the probably most used on-road characteristics.

Added are navigation and traffic monitoring backwards, as well as coloured leather equipment and the recently so popular everywhere heated steering wheel are other options. Fully equipped this is a 7" monitor with touch-screen and via Bluetooth connectable mobile phones, of course, also appropriate available apps. 05/14