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2020 Toyota GR Yaris

Inside there is not much new to discover compared to the series Yaris. Of course sports seats belong to such a model and the inevitable sporty pedals. And the rev counter tells you that the engine can be revved up to 7,000 rpm despite the turbo. The hand brake is mechanical.

The GR Yaris aims to follow the Celica GT-Four of 20 years ago, but with a much more advanced four-wheel drive system (pictured below), which controls torque backwards, and therefore also forwards, through a multi- disk clutch. The car is intended for homologation in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). Consequently, it can be pre-ordered for six months from January onwards.

It is something special to change the bodywork for such a purpose, because there is no normal Yaris as coupé. The missing two doors bring more stability. The engineers also wanted to use the changes to make the body more aerodynamic and strengthen it. The bonnet, boot lid and door panels are made of aluminum and the roof panel is reinforced with carbon fibre.

In the large rims, optionally fitted with Pirelli or Michelin tyres, the brake disks appear by no means as small as usual in sporty versions. On the contrary, the diameter has been fully exploited. Even the rear, slightly smaller disks are ventilated. The engine is said to be the world's most powerful production three-cylinder engine, whose torque is perhaps even more impressive than its performance. The six-speed manual gearbox is said to be intelligent enough to allow 'rhythmic gas changes'. 01/20

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