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2024 Toyota GR Supra

A crazy world. Normally only the entry-level version of the car with combustion engine has a manual transmission, but since 2022 it has been exactly the opposite here. The Toyota Supra GR is obviously only available with a two-liter four-cylinder and automatic or a three-liter six-cylinder and six-speed.

The collaboration with BMW on the Z4 resulted in the platform including engines and transmissions. The car is built by Magna in Austria. After a 17-year break, a new model was created in 2019, the fifth in the Supra tradition.

The manual transmission and therefore the larger engine can be recognized by the red lettering on the trunk lid under the tailgate with spoiler. However, their large opening contrasts with a relatively small luggage compartment, sometimes also still decimated by a sound system.

It starts at 52,850 € in the Pure version. For 57,350 € there is more 'Dynamic' with active dampers and limited slip differential, as well as multimedia including navigation. From 66,450 €. The six- cylinder is available with forged Fuchs rims. This is the lightweight version with 40 kg less, 1.5 kg per wheel and 17 kg through the transmission.

This is followed by the Supra Legend for 1,400 € more, striking thanks to the Bi-LED headlights. The 'GT4 100th Edition Tribute' version for around 1,000 € more has black brake calipers and wheels then. For an impressive 72,250 € there are also rear parking sensors, Toyota Supra Connect, blind spot warning and red brake calipers with Supra inscription.

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