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Toyota - History

History (Beginnings in brief)

1867Sakichi Toyoda First-born of a carpenter in Yamaguchi
1871Compulsory education
1878Apprenticeship in his father's profession
1890Sakichi visited industrial exhibition in Tokyo
1890Improved version of the usual looms
1891Initial trials of start-ups fail in Tokyo
1894Sakichi operates with his uncle new company
1894Kiichiro Toyoda born, son of Asako and Sakichi Toyoda
1895Patent of machine for yarn
1895Successful opening of a store in Nagoya (close, major city)
1896Debt by criminal partner
1897Mechanical wooden loom
1898Joint ventures with strong partner Mitsui
1900Renewed attempts to loom in competition with the West
1902First division of Mitsui
1904Kiichiro finished secondary school with moderate success
1905Semi-automatic loom from steel
1906Sales of looms can be seen in well
1906Continued cooperation with Mitsui, Toyoda Loom Works founded
1907Recession in Japan
1910Second division of Mitsui
1910First travel to US, awakened interest in car production
1913Weaving mill supplemented by spinning company
1914First World War boosts Japan's economy
1920Second company in Shanghai
1924Invention of the fully automatic loom (Sakichi and Kiichiro)
1929Sale of patent rights to GB
1930First attempts by Kiichiro Toyoda with copies an internal combustion engine
1933Automobile division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works
1934Six cylinder is running on the test bench
1935Prototype passenger car A1, prototype truck G1
1936Own car manufacturing plant, law concerning the manufacture of motor vehicles, prototypes, AA, AB, and GA
1937First brand, foundation as 'Toyota Motor Company' stock company
1938New, much larger factory in Koromo
1950Company got into financial difficulties
1951Toyota Motor Sales Co.
1955Toyopet Crown
1957Toyopet Master, Crown Deluxe
1957Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.
1959Motomachi Plant began with the first passenger car production in Japan (Asia)
1967Partnership with Daihatsu Motor Co.
1982Toyota Motor Corporation
1984Joint venture with General Motors
1988Toyota Motor Manufacturing, USA, Inc. began production
1989Foundation of Lexus

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