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  Toyota C-HR

Like it or not, but Toyota is currently the one among the major players in the group who really takes risks in design. In positive terms, here is somewhat extraordinary tried, probably even driven by the boss Akio Toyoda himself. So it is not surprising that the prototype from 2014 shown in Paris is only relatively slightly changed in Geneva 2016 as a production car.

It has a lot of different surfaces. Wherever you look, the light is reflected differently every time, and the impression of different colors is produced. The manufacturer compares it to a gem that also only gets its special radiance after cutting. In the video at the bottom you can see it rotating with two different gray shades and a black roof.

Either the special buyer for this crossover already exists or he perhaps becomes by its use. And then this complex design is said to be useful for crowded cities, overview as top priority. Now we start to get used to a kind of SUV for the city. But this here comes along as a four-door coupé.

Crossover means in this case, the four-wheel drive is equipped probably with 1.2-liter turbo and front wheel drive and the hybrid system of the latest Prius. A hydrid crossover with four-wheel drive can probably be excluded. It is to appear in Europe before the end of the year and advance there to one of Toyota's best-selling. 04/16

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