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Toyota Avensis

One is supposed to be as neutral as possible, but the 'Touring Sports' called estate car (pictures below) I like more. Perhaps you see that entirely differently, then you might really save the exactly 1,000 euros extra charge and the actually tolerable 35 kg extra weight. Instead, you could pay almost 2,500 euros for the 'Comfort' or 'Business' respectively 'Executive' equipment. Certainly, you would be poorer finally by almost 9,000 euros with the latter.

Innovations not individually selectable.

The bad thing of the surcharge policy in package form is that one could easily do without a lot of extras, but on some things just not so easy. Because there are people who absolutely want to set a certain temperature in the air conditioning, separately for driver and front passenger. Parking assistance can be ordered even in much leaner form as a single extra, as well as the automatic climate control.

The Toyota Avensis is offered in Germany since the end of 1997 and don't has it easy because of numerous competitors. Nevertheless, from the three generations were sold more than 1.7 million vehicles in Europe. Who acquired it seem to be very happy with it after neutral evaluation. The great innovations in this model, such as lighting and multimedia are again subject to surcharge packages.

Toyota petrol engines can do it without direct injection?

You can rely on the quality of workmanship and the driving level together with the satisfied buyers until now. There are also new colours and anyhow, the design appears clearly 'sharpened'. Also inside (pictures below), the Avensis is being on the level of the competitiors. And its 5 stars in NCAP are no longer self-evident since assessing the safety for pedestrians. 06/15