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Toyota Auris 2015

Toyota Auris
EngineIn-line four-cylinder
Displacement, bore * stroke
Compression ratio
Engine control
Drive trainFront drive, transversal
Front suspensionMcPherson
Rear suspension
BrakesDiscs, front ventilated
SteeringGear rack, servo, electric
Wheelbase2.600 mm
Turning circle10.400-11.400 mm (15"-17")
Wheels195/65 R 15 (6") up to225/45 R 17 (7")
Length4.330/4.595* mm
Width1.760 mm
Height1.475/1.485* mm
Drag coefficient0,28-0,30
Tank capacity45 Liter
Load volume360/530*-1.199/1.658* Liter
Kerb weight
Maximum speed
Year of manufactureFrom 2015
*Touring Sports

Professor Ernst Fiala, responsible for the VW-developement from 1972 until 1988, complains in his life-experiences, that developers in America and Europe don't count for much. According to him, this is different in Asia. Now, the situation in Europe may, in the meantime, have changed a lot, although it certainly hasn't got any worse in Asia.

This is particularly valid for the motor cars, that they would like to present to the pampered Europeans. Toyota has a department for sensory quality and also has particular aims. E.g., that a particular component should feel the way it looks, something not to be taken for granted if the competitors are still using metal simulating plastics.

Moreover, a dashboard should give the impression of being 'light'. It can, by all means have hard surfaces, they should however, also look like hard surfaces. Otherwise, chrome is preferred to silver painted parts, grained leather in the door panels and piano-varnish, the same as the others do in the meantime. They have also tackled the uniform appearance of the operating controls including the background lighting.

In addition with the hybrid drives ...
Torque - Electric Motor207 Nm
Performance - Electric Motor60 kW (44 HP)
Battery28 cells
Voltage - Battery202 V
Capacity - Battery1,31 kWh
Electric range <50 km/h2 km

50 % of all Auris, are sold as hybrid-vehicles. However, the question remains, why does one accept such an enormous surcharge if the capacity of the high-voltage battery has again fallen back to the state of the Prius 2. That was without a doubt, a brilliant system, but here the manufacturer is resting on once achieved laurels, and not doing badly either.

As far as this model is concerned, the new 1,2 litre direct injection engine (see video 5) seems to be more interesting. That which was missed in the Avensis, appears to have been realised here. No varying cam- throw heights, therefore an extended displacement of the valve timing, this is the Atkinson principle, here combined with water cooled turbocharger and multiple injection. Exhaust flues in the cylinder head and thermo regulation of the oil and the coolant is also found in other manufacturers products. It promises a low consumption when driving reasonably, otherwise, about 10 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and a top speed of 200 km/h.

Then there is still a refurbished Diesel engine, whose cubic capacity was first reduced from 2 to 1,6 litres and is more fitting to a 1,4 litre engine. Interesting on the other hand, is the rear axle which varies depending on the engine. Whereby, at the moment, there is no all-wheel drive at all, which warrants such measures with other manufacturers. Or is this still to be brought out? The immense difference of 14 g/kg with the changeover from 16"- to 17" wheels, which is missing in the specifications, is also striking. 06/15