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1967 Toyota 2000 GT

Take a little time for an icon that was only produced 351 times and that is why it is so valuable today. Whether the value is really up to one million euros or less and whether the design goes back to Albrecht Graf Goertz, actually plays no role in view of its independence. Even Goertz doesn't confirm it. Compare the design to that of the BMW 507 and the question is settled.

How to get there? Because that was probably initially a Nissan project involving Yamaha as engine builders, in which Goertz should have been involved. We've dedicated our thousandth video (below) to youtube for this very special classic car as a reference to the team's work under chief engineer Jiro Kawano.

It is the first outcry for a seemingly endless series of very useful and durable cars. Toyota also rejects the prejudice that weighs heavily on this company that the Japanese could only imitate cars without any own creativity. Certainly, the long front is attributed to the Jaguar E, but that's what happened to all cars of such shape. Similar to the 2000 GT the Jaguar does not look.

And of course, a six-cylinder in-line can best fill the resulting space. An inline eight-cylinder would be possible, too, but at this time they exist no longer. The engine of the Jaguar E has almost twice as much displacement and a high-speed motor concept is looking for a British long stroke probably in vain. Also the reliability of the Japanese seems far of it.

Officially there are only two convertibles. One was probably needed because Sean Connery for the Bond film 'You Only Live Twice' would not fit in the coupe. A help in the search for stability was certainly the central box frame, which on the other side naturally pushes up the weight. Nevertheless, there are numerous Track records and a at least in Japan successful racing version with 147 kW (200 SAE-PS) at 7200/min. 03/18

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