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2016 Model 3
2015 News from Tesla
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2013 Model S
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  Tesla model S

Model S
EngineElectric motor
Torque600 Nm
Power220/266/305 kW (302/362/416 HP) at 5000 rpm
Drive trainRear engine, rear drive, traction control
Suspension f/rDouble wishbone/multi link, air suspension (2.200 €)
SteeringGear rack, servo, electric
BrakesDiscs, ventilated
Wheelbase2.960 mm
Turning circle11.300 mm
Wheels f/r245/35 R 21/265/35 R 21, available also with 19" wheels
Length4.970 mm
Width1.964/2.187 mm
Height1.445 mm
ComfortDual-zone air conditioning, heated front seats
BodyAluminum reinforced with boron steel
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Energy content gross/net60 kWh, 8 years or 200.000 km
85 kWh, 8 years unlimited warranty
Range390/502 km (factory specification)
Trunk volume min/max745/1645 liter
Payload461 kg
Kerb weight2100 kg incl. driver
Top speed190/200/210 km/h
Year of manufactureFrom 2013
Purchase price68.000/78.000/91.200 Euro

A five-meter car, heavy, expensive, with huge rims. Thus, the judgment might be at first glance. Or also: outside elegant, interior not overly inspiring. However, the design of the dashboard has the advantage that only a software update is needed to change it because all functions are handled via displays (Figure 11), also the of the switches. The car is so long that a third row of seats is possible rear (+2.400 €), but rather for children and with view to the rear.

But we come to the essential characteristics. After all, one drives on electricity, and exclusively. The Tesla is regarded as the only production car with sufficient range. And the company makes even more by soon to install so many charging stations along the main thoroughfares that you can effortlessly pass through.

However, these charging stations are suitable for Teslas only. The first sound very elitist, but has (also) a technical reason. The is called 'Supercharger' and shall provide with 400 V three-phase current for therecovery of the half charge capacity in just 25 minutes. So for a coffee and it goes on already. And by the way even without paying anything for it. Can you now already slowly cotton to the almost 70,000 euros?

Not? Perhaps the enormous acceleration may inspire you? As a sedan with more than two tons in well 5 seconds to hundred. Supposedly, the rear wheels tend to spin very much. If that does not help, slowly we do not find further arguments. Because 190 km/h achieves almost any compact class today. And the mood a little spoiling: The normal charge with single-phase AC takes about four hours.

With electricity from German sockets, this model can not score points with regard to the CO2 balance despite economical handling. Comparable special models with diesel engines and special names come to similar values. Electric cars are built just for regenerative future. But at least it is not a car out of the backyard production. Too good, the support of the partners Toyota and Mercedes.

Unfortunately, there is a problem. The relatively large cruising range results from laptop batteries, which are stacked in large numbers bundled under the car floor. Contrary to the battery technology from all other manufacturers consisting of nickel, aluminum and cobalt. This seems to be an explosive mixture, which of course must not necessarily be the cause of three fires as a result of accidents (video below). Finally, gasoline also does not burn bad.

At Tesla one knew about the danger already in the development of the Roadster. There similar accidents obviously did not happen until now. It is the sheer amount of thousands of cells, which can cause a small cause to great effect. It is the sheer quantity of thousands of cells, which can cause a small cause to great effect. About the Roadster, it was still called, one has made efficient separations. Even more difficult is the situation because of course the great ones of the automotive industry, in this case Mercedes, this technique will also use in their models. 12/13

Tesla accident