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  Model 3 - Presentation 2016

If you make the effort to look at the video of the presentation below, learn a lot about the development of Tesla. For example, the new Giga factory for lithium-ion batteries, allegedly largest manufacturing facility in the world with the most modern product.

The corresponding factory producing Model 3 is being established yet. First deliveries are scheduled for the end 2017. You can already order, have to hurry up, because more than 100,000 potential buyers are registered in the last 24 hours. There is, however, according to Tesla, a possibility to come to the top in this queue, you simply order in addition a Model S or Model X.

The new model will have a starting price without taxes and subsidies of 35,000 dollars, including the most important extras such as the autopilot. There is talk about 320 km range and legendary six seconds from 0 to 96 km/h. The interior is supposed to be comfortable for 5 persons, possible by further forward moved front passengers seats. The windscreen stretches back to the tailgate in one piece.

The interior is very simple, only a touch-screen tablet in the center of the dashboard. Enough space is available e.g. for a surfboard. There are luggage compartments rear and front, the latter restricted in the all-wheel version. The basic construction is identical to the previous models. By the end of next year the number of dealers and superchargers will be doubled worldwide, the charging facilities at shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, etc. quadrupled.