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Subaru Outback

The flat engine is a little bit strange in this car. Subaru points to its deep center of gravity, but installs it in a car with much ground clearance, in the SUV-relative Forester, even higher, too. The flat engine is normally famous for its balanced, quiet run. However, it is a diesel and lower powered than the petrol version, blessed with a little more roughness than its inline colleagues.

After all, it does not turn out to be overly thirsty, although it works in a handsome station wagon, ready to go with a little more than 1.6 tons. In addition, the CVT transmission, which is becoming less frequent under CO2 aspects, is also rare, because it makes steps although it could work continuously. The lack of tractive force interruption remains an advantage.

It would be slightly lighter with transversal engine.

One more surprise given by Subaru: the Forester is significantly cheaper with the same engine. Maybe it will be classified a class lower by Subaru Germany because it is much shorter. Next surprise, the full SUV has a more comfortable suspension. Both are no special giants in the permissible trailer load, although available exclusively with 4-wheel drive.

Different to the Forester, the Outback has two front cameras which can look almost as far as radar and both work as spacers, trackers and warners or emergency brake. In addition, of course, belongs to every four-wheel drive a hill descend control.

The Outback remains in our thoughts as a compromise between station wagon and SUV without its evidently so popular seat height. 12/16