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2022 SsangYong Korando e-Motion

'One came through' is the name of a film that retells the triple and ultimately successful escape of a German airman from captivity in World War II. It is not quite as dramatic with the third Korean automobile manufacturer Ssangyong, where a new partner was found in Edison Motors shortly before bankruptcy.

But it's not that simple either, because the motor of the new Korando e-Motion comes from the previous partner Mahindra and the car will probably also be sold under this name. But the film title has a second justification, because the e-Motion costs less than € 30,000 after deduction of the premium and should even be available this year.

With only 500 cars available this year and 900 next year, it is a good idea to make your way to a car dealership as soon as possible. Yes, the standard equipment with two-zone air conditioning, reversing camera, heat pump and a few assistants makes you sit up and take notice. Plus a 7-year guarantee or 150,000 km.

From Platinum for € 41,990, there are then 9 instead of 8-inch diagonal for the middle touchscreen, front and rear parking aids, and seat and steering wheel heating. But it is better to look for urgently needed charging stations externally via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The top level Titanium is already reached at € 45,590. It completes the assistants, offers LED, leather and even seat ventilation.

No, it is not built on a specially designed electric platform, but obviously offers hardly any restrictions compared to the combustion models. It seems as if LG is building particularly flat batteries, because obviously they didn't skimp on the ground clearance either. The only thing that is striking is the somewhat stiff suspension despite the pronounced angle of roll.

Also and especially with the interior there can be no talk of a cheap product. So much piano lacquer is not necessarily for everyone, but hard plastic would receive much more criticism here. The space conditions are also perfect for the vehicle class. Even the combustion engine-like operation knows how to please. So if the dealer still contractually commits to delivery this year . . .

At 0°C with highway speed, a range of rather 200 km.

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