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2017 SsangYong Korando

For Europe, the brand with the twin dragon in the logo and in the name, has to overcome the bad reputation from previous crash tests. That this succeeds with the Korando shows the last video below based on the NCAP attempts. In 2009 it was just not enough. After economic weakness, the company was taken over by the Indian Mahindra Company.

The Korando came to us after that. It is attributed to Ital Design and thus to the Giugiaros. In 2017 it has received a facelift, which must be up to a complete redesign in 2019. It has not changed so much externally, perhaps most strikingly on the lights front and rear.

Under the sheet metal, only the diesel engine got more displacement and has become a little stronger. Inside it looks quite passable, has e.g. in series also a steering wheel adjustable in the depth. Which brings us to the sticking point: the relationship between the purchase price and the respective equipment is impressive. After all, there is a difference in the petrol version base price, e.g. to the VW Tiguan and Toyota RAV 4 of about 7,000 euros.

Even the Diesel version is only 1,000 euros more expensive. So you can easily get over something more hard plastic in the interior, right? The car is e.g. in the more important criteria of loading volume and towing capacity at least equal to its competitors. Certain tests e.g. in terms of the operating noise of the diesel engine or the hardness of the suspension individull can probably be clarified most likely during a test drive.

However, one should be fair to the dealer who provides the vehicle, giving him a chance to counter cheap internet prices. If he can not keep up, he would at least be given reason to hope that he has found a new customer for his workshop. 12/17

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