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smart electric drive

The small turning circle is always impressive. If there is a typical city car, then this is probably the smart. And now also electrically driven in the 4th generation. Well, the price compared to the simplest smart version is more than doubled, but may be as in Germany reduced by 4,000 euros again.

If it could really move with about 13 kWh per 100 km, then the achievable 160 km may be possible. After all, too, electrical equipment loves the city rather than the grueling freeway traffic. Please add to this a good standing of the motor with 160 Nm torque.

The still relatively compact car should be well prepared for almost all temperaments. The manufacturer draws particular attention to the fact that in the case of smart the complete model range is electrified. Well, it is to not so very extensive, but new is an e-convertible.

It will be interesting to watch the competitor Renault. It will not only deliver the engines for the smart electric drive from the Renault plant in Cléon, but use its already acquired merits in terms of e-mobility. The e-smart is like the smart a community development. Interestingly then will be the price of a coming e-Twingo. One, however, is certain, an electric car with a particularly small turning circle is only available from Smart. 09/16

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