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Smart 2

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Originally consisting of only two design drafts and many individual ideas consisting concept, however, will changed in the hands of automotive developers in a manner that it will dislikable for the persons employed originally with it. As then also the development costs run out of control, Nicolas Hayek stopped and sold his shares to Daimler in 1998.

Now it's a Mercedes, the but still is to be separately developed, built and marketed. While there are not the originally envisaged wheel hub motors, and also the for different colors quickly to change cover will not realized. Instead an architect designs the Smart-towers, where the sales places should to be seen from afar.

Although he is only half as long as an S-Class, but nevertheless may not be parked crosswise. So the expectations crumble to an easy-to-use city car, rather unsuitable for long journeys, thus increasing the acceptance of the Federal Railroad. After all, you need not engage when starting, so can not stall the engine in principle.

A certain turbo lag remains this Smart version.

Since the gear changing of at least six gears may be depending on the equipment components even semi-automated or fully automated, but the long switching pauses are immediately criticized after its appearance. But as far we are still not. First, a location for the production is searched and the seems to the Mercedes top perhaps not least because of the level of wages in Hambach (France), cheaper than in Germany.

However, the engine comes from Berlin-Marienfelde. Except turbocharging and dual ignition it lacks somewhat on innovation, so that in view of the relatively large cross-sectional area no consumption can be expected under 4 litres/100 km. A diesel engine is promised for later. 09/13

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