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2020 Škoda Enyaq iV

No, not the ID.4 is presented as the second car on the MEB platform, but the Škoda Enyaq. It's not possible to prefer the parent company so much. However, it is interesting that with this Škoda once again underlines its role as a more important subsidiary in this subgroup of the group, although Seat has recently caught up.

Derivation of the Irish name "enya": source of life

The Enyaq of course shows how things could go on with e-mobility, obviously urgently with the SUV sector, as ID.4 also shows. At Škoda there are currently the Kamiq, the Karoq and the Kodiaq. The Enyaq with a length of 4.65 m and a wheelbase of 2.77 m is placed between the two largest, with length and wheelbase 17 respectively 9 cm to the Kamiq and 5 respectively 2 cm to the Kodiaq.

Heat pump available.

E-SUVs should actually offer more luggage space than combustion SUVs, but the Enyaq with 585 liters compared to 650-835 liters is still lagging behind the Kodiaq. The bad thing is the low towing capacity of 1,200 kg, which by the way is only offered in the most expensive model. Even a combustion engined Golf with 1300-1800 kg is superior, the Kodiaq with 1600-2500 kg even much better. So horse- enthusiasts must not be e-car fans. But that is the same with other brands.

Interior with sustainable material lining

One may assume that the ID.4 will be much smaller. And what does this mean for the equipment of the drives? Given the important battery capacity, the lowest of 45 kWh net for the Enyaq was considered too low. To be able to offer three variants nevertheless, this was increased to 52 kWh and is now only 6 kWh away from the next larger one. Above this follows a jump of 19 kWh. Whether the battery capacity justifies the numbers of the different Enyaq models ?

Basis: 2-zone climate control, smart link, 10-inch display, LED

Let's have a look at the engines! Interesting that the one of the current ID.3 would be the third strongest of five here. That means the big Enyaq is also available with two weaker ones. Now one could argue, that 109 kW and 220 Nm would be well enough, but remember, these are peak powers that are only available for a short time. However, Peugeot does it similarly, because the relatively large e-Expert is only available with 100 kW peak, but 260 Nm.

Production in the parent plant Mladá Boleslav.

The range of twin engines is now also new. But you can add up any of the three single engines as you like, you will never know which of them will do the job for the four-wheelers. Obviously here either other motors are added, or, peculiar to e-motors, the powers can not be added, because to different speeds came up. Quite common however, that the front, added engines are significantly weaker. And the range decreases from 510 to 460 km when a second engine is added.

Of course the Enyaq has the usual assistants on board, but we have found a new feature. It can be used to train it to cover a certain distance that has to be done frequently, which can then be called up always. Sounds simple, but was actually more known as feature for reverse driving.

Let's get to the price. It is called 'declaration of war'. But nobody really knows what a car like this looks like. The pictures only display is a particularly splendid equipment, called 'Founders Edition', which is initially offered in a quantity of 1,895. You see an illuminated grill and matrix LED, a special color and 21 inch, inside 13 inch in the middle, all of this equipment reserved, but the price of this but of the entry level version is mentioned. Simply clever.

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